Annual Marketing and Communications Planning

Continuity in marketing is key to having your company name recognised by potential clients, and a 12 month marketing and communications plan will help you budget for and keep on track with advertising, promotions and web interactions. With my network of graphic designers, printers and web builders, and my knowledge of agricultural shows and publications, let me devise you such a plan and help you see it through!


- webcontent, press releases, brochures and leaflets

Stand head, shoulders (and ears) above the competition with your literature. If you can think of nothing worse than sitting in front of a computer writing about yourself and your business, or you simply don’t have the time, then let me do it for you. I will need to get a good feel for the business in order to successfully convey its strengths in the correct style, but am happy and willing to shadow you at work in the office or in the field in order to cause you least disruption.

E-marketing and social media management

Don’t get left behind in the fast moving era of the internet. If ‘google optimisation’ sounds double-dutch to you, and you believe ‘tweeting’ is a feature of the dawn chorus, then let me bring you up to speed! Allow me to determine what elements of social media may work for your business, make your website work harder for you, and utilise the economic benefits of contacting new and existing customers online.

Event Planning

- open days, demonstrations and shows

Target your potential clients by showcasing your skills and services, and whilst you are concentrating on the job in hand let me take care of the tedious details! From booking trade stands and sending invitations, to organising catering and preparing promotional material, I’ll have it covered, although I can’t guarantee the weather!